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He Can't Love You de JAGGED EDGE

A continuación te presentamos la canción "He Can't Love You" de "JAGGED EDGE". Utilice el formulario de contacto para enviarnos su letra preferida, desde ya muchas gracias por participar en el directorio.

[i know he don't know nothin, but he can't love you
like i can.... trust me]
as the clock strikes twelve
i'm sittin here wondering how the hell
did i let you... leave [babe]
baby i know that i did my share of things to
deceive you.. i'm just trying to get an understanding
of what to do
cuz i'm half way going crazy
girl they can't fake meh
!chorus! he can't love you like i love you
baby you should know it too
and you should never wanna be with the man
if he can't be a man
and do the things to you like i can [i'm tellin you]
[repeat chorus]
as i stop and i wait and i think [that i]
never met someone who made me feel like i'm ready
to love.. so i gotta do what i gotta do
just to keep you.. keep you here with me babay
now i feel it's time for me to say that i need you
and i can't go a day without your loving
baby i can't live w/o you....
i know.. you know.. no man had made you horny baby
ain't no if's and but's and maybe's
and i know.. one day you'll see [heey]
they he can't really love you like i love you
!chorus! [til fade and yada yada yada]

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